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May 05, 2017

Political Scientists Show that UN Peacekeeping Works, But Not Without Cost

Political Institutions

Research on peacekeeping has revealed that peacekeeping has several benefits. However, there is also a relationship between peacekeeping and sexual abuse and exploitation. 

French Elections Rulers Update

May 03, 2017

International Elections and Leaders: May 2017 Update

REIGN DATASET: International Elections and Leaders

Tensions in Europe remain high amid multiple electoral processes set to shape the future of the European Union. The first round of the French presidential election was held on April 23 and a run-off is scheduled for May 7.

Somaliland coast guard safety first

May 01, 2017

Stable Seas Report Presented at State of Maritime Piracy Launch

Stable Seas, Political Conflict

On May 3, Senior Research Associate Curtis Bell presents Stable Seas: Somali Waters at the UK Chamber of Shipping in London.

unconscious bias

April 28, 2017

Alternative Facts and Unconscious Bias: How We are Less Rational than We Think

Political Conflict

This is really not the time for alternative facts.  Serious global challenges—climate change, war and refugees, growing authoritarianism—require thoughtful responses based on data and evidence. But truth seems to be malleable and alternative facts compete with actual facts.

April 22, 2017

What Does the State of Global Democracy Mean for Africa?

African Security

In 2016,  not a single region in the world registered improvement by The Economists Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index. Researcher John Filitz asks what this seeming retreat of democracy means for Africa, in... more

Multi Stakeholder Collaboration

April 20, 2017

Fact Sheet: Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

Institutional Learning

The Guide specifics how MSC is particularly helpful in conducting global governance, especially from a non-profit or non-governmental organization perspective.

Private sector valuable partner in fragile states

April 10, 2017

Private Sector is a Valuable but Often Overlooked Partner in Stabilizing Fragile States, Report Finds

Business & Governance

BROOMFIELD, Colo.— In a world in which the unpredictability and insecurity of fragile states have become the norm, a new report by OEF Research, a program of the One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation, an NGO focused on building peace by supporting local governance, provides a rare look at how the private sector conducts its... more

March Election Mark Rutte

April 05, 2017

International Elections and Leaders: April 2017 Update

REIGN DATASET: International Elections and Leaders

This spring all eyes are on elections in EU-member and EU-candidate states.  In the Netherlands, incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte narrowly defeated Geert Wilders in a parliamentary election.