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Asssessing Drought Damage in Ethiopia - Photo by Eurpean Commission DGE echo

September 29, 2016

What International Donors Should Know About Drought and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

Political Conflict

Some argue that climate change effects pose one of the greatest risks for political violence, and others argue there is no relationship whatsoever. A new study shows that there is gray area between the two sides, and offers policy implications for international donors. 

September 16, 2016

The Power of Networks in Maritime Security: What the Fight Against Piracy Can Teach Us About Irregular Migration

Political Institutions

Addressing the developing crisis around irregular migration by sea will require international institutions to work quickly to address the humanitarian, practical, and legal challenges posed by irregular migration.

Riot Police in Turkey

August 12, 2016

Turkey’s Repression Could Spread to Its Neighbors

Forecasting, Political Institutions, Political Conflict, CoupCast

Repression is an often overlooked consequence of coup attempts, say Jonathan Powell and OEF's Curtis Bell in their recent post on the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog. Turkey's recent coup attempt prompted a government crackdown on its political opponents and the flow of public information.

Predicting and Timing of Coup Attempts

August 02, 2016

Turkey's Coup Attempt Was a Surprise, but for Surprising Reasons

Forecasting, Political Institutions, CoupCast

The recent coup attempt in Turkey was widely unexpected. However, coup attempts are not uncommon in democracies. There are a couple other reasons that this coup attempt was so surprising, given the context in which it occurred.

Climate Migrants Farmers

July 25, 2016

Innovative Local Government Solutions for Climate Migrants

Political Institutions

This spring, thousands of farmers and villagers left their homes in the drought-affected districts of the state of Maharastra (western region of India), seeking refuge in the state’s capital city of Mumbai.

African Currency Reform

July 22, 2016

Efforts To Stop Illicit Money Flows Could Backfire

Political Conflict, Business & Governance

A recent paper has proposed that eliminating high-denomination notes would make it harder to make illicit transactions, forcing actors in illegal networks to use alternative payment mechanisms.

Syrian schoolchildren

July 16, 2016

OEF Fellow Takes the Long View on NPR

Political Conflict

Taking the Long View, is the World Getting More or Less Violent? NPR asked this question of OEF Fellow Andrew Mack, who analyzes trends in global violence for the Human Security Report Project.

Peacekeeping and Civilian Protection

July 08, 2016

Peace Enforcement and Protection of Civilians in the DRC

Political Institutions, Political Conflict

On November 20th 2012, fighters from the M23 rebel movement streamed past UN peacekeepers into the city of Goma, the provincial capital of the DRC’s North Kivu province. Fighters looted homes, killed suspected rivals, committed unknown numbers of sexual assaults, injured hundreds of civilians and caused tens of thousands, many already once displaced, to flee for their lives.