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OEF Research recognizes the crucial role gender plays in trends in governance and peace. In applying an inclusive lens to its work, OEF Research examines both the important contributions of women in lasting peace and security, as well as how gender roles shape the outcomes for women, men, girls and boys during and post-conflict.

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Kelsey Coolidge

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Advancing National Action Plans on Women, Peace, and Security

From Global Promise to National Action: Advancing Women, Peace, and Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, Serbia, and Sierra Leone

Written by Alexandra Amling, Marie O'Reilly on October 18, 2016

Evidence shows that women’s participation in peace and security processes is linked to a greater likelihood of successful outcomes, and international frameworks have sprung up accordingly. What is less understood is the role of national initiatives

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Glass Ceilings Broken by Hillary Clinton

What Happens After Glass Ceilings Shatter? The Influence a First Female Leader Has on Women’s Representation in Elected Offices

Written by Curtis Bell on June 14, 2016

This paper leverages data from the fifty democracies that have had a female leader to better understand how women in the highest levels of government affect women’s representation in other elected offices.

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