OEF Research’s Intersections initiative is a multi-media outreach effort to showcase the innovative efforts of stakeholders in the peacebuilding and peacemaking fields and to facilitate their partnerships. Intersections activities focus on two themes central to OEF Research:     

  • Impactful multi-stakeholder policy making is inclusive, integrative, transparent, and evidence-based
  • Non-state actors such as businesses, foundations, think tanks, and non-governmental organizations are increasingly playing an important role in policy making and implementation

Through conferences, videos, debate, community workshops and other forums, Intersections demonstrates how OEF Research and its staff are catalyzing partnerships and showcasing best practices.

Intersections Projects

VIDEO: Building Capacity, Sustaining Peace: The Role of Non-State Actors

Peace Through Technology Conference

California Consensus: Peace Through Technology

Intersections Related News

OEF Research and University of San Diego host CalCon2017: ​Integrative Technology for​ Sustainable Peacebuilding

Every year, the University of San Diego and OEF Research present the California Concensus (CalCon), a multi-day event that invites innovative individuals including researchers, technologists, funders, and policym
CalCon 2016 Logo

OEF and University of San Diego Host Tech Event Business, Human Security

How can we use innovative technology and methodology to better understand and respond to global conflict?