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waste management in Somalia

December 10, 2015

In Somalia, Lack of Government Isn't Always Lack of Governance

Good Governance

Absence of government doesn't necessarily mean absence of public goods, or systems that resolve collective needs and issues. In Somalia, Somali society has been able to fill some gaps left by the absence of state institutions.

Lindsay Heger speaks on need for data for peace

November 15, 2015

OEF's Lindsay Heger Calls for a Data Revolution

Political Conflict

DENVER, [November 5, 2014] – What are the most pressing questions and challenges we face today when it comes to human security?  Dr. Lindsay Heger, a local political scientist and Associate Director of Research, addressed this issue in a presentation hosted by the Denver Council on Foreign Relations on November ... more

November 07, 2015

Global Thinkers Convene to Chart "A Path to Peace"

Political Conflict

Is a world without war possible in the 21st century? A foundation focused on empirically-based, forward-looking initiatives aimed at improving systems that prevent armed conflict, today opens its second One Earth Future Forum, which convenes the world’s foremost thought leaders on global security.

Peace conference participants Colorado

October 26, 2015

Participants at One Earth Future Forum Set Sights on a World Without War

Political Conflict

Noted thinkers joined the One Earth Future Foundation in discussing the trends in violent conflict and key drivers affecting global stability, with the question: what can individuals and institutions do to diminish violence and promote peaceful alternatives?

risoner exchange between Hamas and Israel

October 01, 2015

Service-Providing Terrorists Negotiate Better

Political Conflict

Terrorist Groups that Provide Social Services to their Local Supporters are More Likely to Engage in Peace Negotiations with Governments

Coups more likely during wartime

September 30, 2015

Pioneering Study Finds Wartime Coups More Likely

Good Governance, Political Conflict

First Study on Relationship Between Civil War and Coup Finds Coups More Likely During Wartime

Maryland, 28 September 2015:  Many of the coups that happened since 1950 occurred during civil war, but until now there has been no evidence to show how civil war affects coup activity.

Harmonizing Data

July 13, 2015

Aubrey Fox: Harmonizing Data to Define Peace

Political Conflict

OEF and the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) co-hosted the Denver launch of the 9th annual Global Peace Index in June.

July 08, 2015

OEF at International Human Rights Funders Group Conference

Political Conflict

Deputy Director of Research at OEF Conor Seyle participated in a panel at the International Human Rights Funders Group's 2015 Conference in New York on July ... more