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Steven Pinker on World Violence

December 23, 2014

Is the World Falling Apart?

Political Conflict

Stories about armed fanatics and lone wolf gunmen fill the headlines and compete for our shocked attention. In an article for Slate, Andrew Mack and Steven Pinker demonstrate that society is not in fact falling apart.

OEF Forum participants

November 27, 2014

Setting Sights on a World Without War

Gender & Security, Good Governance, Political Conflict

Participants at the One Earth Future Forum set sights on a world without war

October 18, 2014

A Conversation on Conflict in the 21st Century

Gender & Security, Good Governance, Political Conflict

On October 16th, the One Earth Future foundation hosted a conversation with members of the community in Denver, Colorado. This conversation brought together leaders with a range of perspectives to explore the possibilities for reducing and eliminating armed conflict in the 21st century.... more

Assessing the UN Security Council

October 09, 2014

Assessing the UN Security Council: A Concert Perspective

Global Governance Discussion Series

An alternative approach to assessing Security Council effectiveness presents itself if the body is thought of less as an instrument for providing global security and more as a grouping of the major powers.

July 11, 2014

Has the G20 Moved from Efficiency to Legitimacy?

Good Governance, Political Conflict

As part of OEF Research's lunchtime discussion series based on articles from the journal Global Governance, scholars and practitioners engaged in a lively discussion on a coalition which helped the G20 respond to concerns of non-members.

Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

July 08, 2014

Rebalancing the G-20 from Efficiency to Legitimacy: The 3G Coalition and the Practice of Global Governance

Global Governance Discussion Series

This event looked at the role of small states in global governance institutions. The speakers began by explaining a shift in world politics toward more informality,.

The private sector's role in preventing atrocities

June 16, 2014

Role of the Private Sector in Preventing Mass Atrocities: A Panel Discussion

Business & Governance, Political Conflict

What role may the private sector have in preventing atrocities? A panel of experts discussed this question during the launch of an OEF Research report on lessons from the private sector in Kenya during election-related violence.

June 12, 2014

Mkenya Daima Campaign, OEF Launch Report

Business & Governance, Political Conflict

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance's (KEPSAMkenya Daima Campaign in partnership with One Earth Future Foundation held a breakfast meeting to... more