Can Elected Members Make a Difference in the UN Security Council? Australia’s Experience in 2013-2014 (Geneva)

U.S. Air Force photo/Osakabe Yasuo
U.S. Air Force photo/Osakabe Yasuo
Event Location: Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Event Date: 01/27/2016

The UN Charter gives the Security Council the extraordinary function of being responsible for international peace and security. Although the Permanent Five members are disproportionately powerful, there is scope for elected members to influence the decision-making processes during their two-year terms. The E10 have more leverage than they presume. The discussion focused on how best to strengthen the long-term interests of every member state through fulfilling the purpose of the Council to maintain international peace and security.


H.E. Mr. John Quinn, Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations in Geneva
Jeremy Farrall, Fellow, Australian National University and Political Affairs Officer for the UN Security Council (2001–2004)