Non-State Actors in Maritime Security Policy Brief
Good Governance

Non-State Actors in Maritime Security

Author(s): Jens Vestergaard Madsen
Date: August 27, 2015
Publication Type: Policy Briefs
Research Topics: Good Governance


As part of an ongoing lessons-learned project based on Oceans Beyond Piracy’s work with the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, OEF Research is documenting the potential role of non-state actors in maritime security. Based on this work, in November 2014 OEF Research staff participated in a research workshop organized under the NATO Science for Peace and Security Program. This workshop focused on questions of communication and coordination in maritime security, with an eye to improving NATO maritime strategy and maritime security more broadly.

Key Findings:

Based on a chapter from the book Strengthening Maritime Security Through Cooperation Policy Implications:

  • Security institutions should consider developing formal or informal information-sharing systems with maritime actors in the geographic or functional areas where they operate.
  • Stakeholders in a specific maritime problem, whether state or nonstate, should consider the full spectrum of potential roles for nonstate actors.
  • The process of developing engagement between state and nonstate actors around security challenges can take time.

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