Victor Odundo Owuor

Victor Odundo Owuor
Position: Senior Research Associate
Expertise: Business & Governance, Business & R2P, Entrepreneurship in Fragile States, Illicit Financial Flows, Inclusive Business Models

Victor Odundo Owuor's primary responsibility at OEF is to develop research in the role of business in governance and stability. Victor received his PhD from the University of Texas at Dallas in December 2012. The title of his dissertation was “Destabilizing Dark Networks: The Case of the Somali Piracy Saga and its Financial Implications for Kenya.”  Victor is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) – an internationally recognized designation for those with subject matter expertise in the tackling of money laundering and the combating of terrorism financing. Victor’s previous accomplishments include a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics/Physics from Willamette University, Oregon and an MBA in International Business/Supply Chain Management from University of Texas at Dallas. Victor joined OEF from University of Texas at Dallas where he was amongst others, an instructor of record for an introductory course on Negotiations and Conflict Resolution. His prior work experience includes nearly two decades of project and operations management in his native Kenya. A significant part of this period comprised a long stint as the founder and chief executive of a progressive construction firm, as well as the principal of a last mile/milk run logistics company for beverage products primarily targeting the bottom of the pyramid sector.


Fact Sheet: Understanding SDG 10.C. Global Market on Remittances

Written by Sierra Method, Victor Odundo Owuor on March 19, 2018

This fact sheet seeks to identify successful strategies and reforms that countries have initiated in order to reduce remittance cost - in their effort to comply with Sustainable Development Goal 10C.

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Firm Behavior in Fragile States: The Cases of Somaliland, South Sudan, and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor on March 29, 2017

This report, based on field research, documents which features of business work in fragile areas and how businesses operate in regard to strategy, contract enforcement, and other aspects of firm behavior.

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The Kenyan private sector's role in mass atrocity prevention, cessation, and recovery

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor, Patrick Obath on November 4, 2016

There are numerous examples of ways in which the business sector has been and continues to be involved in activities that lead to mass atrocity crimes.

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Business Ecosystem in Somalia

Building a Business Ecosystem in Somalia | The Case for Business Associations

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor on March 4, 2015

Business associations can be an effective tool for facilitating good governance, but are an often incorrectly understood concept even by individuals close to the institutions.  This paper introduces the potential benefit in the formation of business

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Private Sector Peacebuilding Kenya

The Role of Kenya's Private Sector in Peacebuilding

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor, Scott Wiser on June 10, 2014

A comprehensive review of the range of activities undertaken by the private sector before, during, and immediately after the 2013 elections is the subject of a research report by Victor Owuor and Scott Wisor.This policy brief discusses key

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R2PK Cover

The Role of Kenya's Private Sector in Peacebuilding: The Case of the 2013 Election Cycle

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor, Scott Wisor on June 9, 2014

Following the disputed presidential election results in 2007- 08, widespread violence engulfed Kenya, killing over one thousand people and displacing hundreds of thousands. One in three Kenyans were directly affected by the violence.

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Banking System in Somalia

Somalia Banking: Transfers, Challenges and Opportunities

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor on January 5, 2013

This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities of the banking segment in Somalia. It reviews current systems for financial transfers and discusses the possibility of the introduction of a two-tier banking system.

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Wind Energy in Somalia

Wind Energy in Somalia

Written by Victor Odundo Owuor on October 5, 2012

Somalia’s difficult history has hampered the development of infrastructure that could support growth and improve lives. The energy sector has been particularly hard hit.

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